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                    About us

                      The company mainly produces panel suite furniture, solid wood furniture, mattress, sofa, soft bed and customized furniture, engineering furniture and other products. Its products sell well all over the country.

                      The company has fully promoted the enterprise information strategy, and realized the integrated management of all value chain information from product research and development design, procurement, production and manufacturing, logistics, sales and after-sales service to customers, so as to integrate the resources of industrial, middle and lower reaches, and provide excellent product and service value for customers.

                      The company has been adhering to the "core concept of green, green culture, water culture" as the core of cultural value. In all friends, green is not only the basic hue and core gene of all friends brand, but also the value belief and spiritual highland of the whole friend; green is not only a careful building of the whole process of product green, but also the responsibility and responsibility of the employees, business partners, users and society.

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