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                    The nest is in the corner of the garden.

                    As outdoor furniture with both use function and landscape value, indoor style can be extended to the garden, or interpretation of another completely different style, can also be mixed according to their own feelings. No matter how great the style of the furniture is, it's important that your outdoor furniture is able to withstand long-term wind and sun, wind and rain.
                    So summarize the commonly used types of outdoor desks and chairs, according to their own needs to choose the appropriate style.
                    Southeast Asia's camphor wood, teak, and Indonesian pineapple are all common materials for outdoor furniture.
                    Advantages: hard, durable and style.
                    Disadvantages: Good quality products are relatively expensive, and if you want to extend the life of wood, you need to brush oil every year.
                    PE rattan
                    PE cane is made from industrial artificial rattan. It is the most common outdoor furniture material in the market.
                    Advantages: the price is close to the people, waterproofing is good, easy to clean up, durable, soft and hard moderate.
                    Disadvantages: fear of sharp objects.
                    Different styles of gardens, because of the style and design, will often be used to cast aluminum outdoor tables and chairs to meet the overall effect of the garden.
                    Advantages: long service life, light weight, good thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance.
                    Disadvantages: Hard texture, in order to comfort need to increase cushion cushion, avoid scratching, rainy areas had better be carried out every year rust paint brush maintenance.
                    cast iron
                    Cast iron is also widely used.
                    Advantages: relatively inexpensive, multi choice style.
                    Disadvantages: hard texture, in order to comfort need to increase cushion cushion. Corrosion resistance is poor, material and aluminum are crisp and heavier.
                    Synthetic material
                    Polyethylene, resin and glass fiber are all commonly used materials for modern outdoor furniture. The new garden matches the new furniture, from color to style to meet the needs of modern people.
                    Advantages: novel style, strong corrosion resistance and light weight.
                    Disadvantages: poor outdoor endurance, low quality materials will be thinner, poor wind resistance, color fading.
                    Nowadays, the garden outdoor tables and chairs have a variety of brands, styles and materials, which need to be considered when choosing.

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