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                    17 tips for outdoor furniture

                    Think about where you live. Is it always raining, or tropical, or wet and wet? Here are 17 tips for outdoor furniture.
                    Consider the weather and climate
                    Consider the weather in your own place. Will it rain often? Or is it tropical, moist and hot? Direct sunlight will crack wooden furniture, while metal materials in the sun under its own temperature will rise, the use of uncomfortable. If you live in a place that is prone to tropical storms, severe convection weather, or near the sea, instantaneous winds can also turn over very light furniture such as aluminum or plastic.
                    Set aside space around the furniture
                    And indoor furniture is different, outdoor furniture does not have special function demand, so, you do not have to must match table, chair bench, still want to match the furniture that dimension scale coordinates according to dimensional size. Whether it's an open outdoor pool or a limited atrium garden, remember to set aside more space. A tall bar table is better than a formal dining table because the bar bench saves space. Or you can consider smaller side tables and piers to match, can move position at any time, more flexible.
                    3. Determine the style and material according to the position
                    Do you have awnings for your outdoor activities? Is the furniture on soft lawn or hard floor? Remember, if be on lawn ground, must not use the furniture of cork frame, cork can absorb moisture, bring about frame damage next, choose plastic, steel frame as far as possible replace. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use an umbrella, the direct sunlight will be harmful to furniture and human skin.
                    Material is more important than appearance
                    The material of outdoor furniture is very important, it decided the condition that maintain in the future, so, when buying, do not look only appearance. Aluminum and resins are easiest to maintain, while wicker or wooden furniture needs regular maintenance.
                    Don't forget about comfort
                    Outdoor furniture is used to relax commonly, so comfortable must be close. Even if some outdoor chairs do not use cushions, you can customize them yourself, paying attention to choosing waterproof fabrics. The Angle of deck chair must be adjustable, in order to suit whole family different comfortable moderate demand.
                    Pay attention to storage space
                    Generally, outdoor furniture will only last four or five months, so if you buy it, make sure you have some storage space for it. Fold design to save a space most, still can notice a few can suit at the same time indoor and the design that use outdoor, such furniture can double use, also saved a large budget.
                    The sofa that go deep is tie-in tea table is most practical
                    What do you usually do on the balcony or patio? Do you entertain your family like a living room or leave it to guests? If you have a lot of family gatherings, try to align the decor with the interior. Enter deep big chair or sofa to match tea table, decorate more practical than table. If you have a large courtyard, you'll need a traditional dining area, and you'll need to put more cushions and cushions on the dining chair to increase comfort.
                    Use carpets sparingly
                    Local carpet, adornment effect is good, be in especially in the case of the function partition of the room not so clear, carpet can solve a problem easily. Look for carpets that are suitable for outdoor use at the same time. They look like natural fibers, but are actually made of synthetic fibers that are resistant to ultraviolet light and moisture.
                    Create separate, quiet Spaces
                    Whether it is a private courtyard or a balcony on the top floor of a city, don't forget to do a good job of privacy outside, or you will inevitably become the focus of attention in the world of weibo. You can use the curtain or the cloth art that can move to separate a curtain, can achieve the effect that area separates a space temporarily not only, still assured the illicit close security of action.
                    Add some comfortable accessories
                    Although be in outdoors, natural beautiful scenery, sunshine is the key that enjoys, but carpet, cushion for leaning on, lamplight illume, these are close to the adornment element of household can bring more comfortable and satisfied person to enjoy. If you only want to update your outdoor gear a little this summer, opt for a bold bag. Choose fabrics that are waterproof and uv-resistant so that they don't fade easily, and this information will be displayed in the fabric label.
                    Function is stream
                    Set a few bar stools on the small patio, it can be used as a seat, can also temporarily put food and drink, when not used, it can also be used as a flower rack. Benches work the same way. They work best when guests come, and they save space when not in use. Some of the benches also have storage space under them, and can be moved back in after the summer.
                    Bright colors are important
                    The earth color trend is gradually receding, candy color began to be popular, yellow, red attractive eyeball. The color combination can be determined according to the outdoor environment. If the surrounding area is mainly green plants, the fabric with stripes and flower patterns is a good choice. If there are many flowers, you can choose neutral colors, such as beige, pale blue and gray.
                    13. Woven material
                    Both synthetic and natural fibers are usually chemically treated to make them stronger and moisture-resistant. The furniture that wicker weaves is most afraid of sunshine, if two or three weeks above do not use, had better top cover up cover. The furniture that wicker weaves cannot be polished, in order to minimize the accumulation of bacteria, can be wiped frequently with wet cloth. After using for a while, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of the crevice, or even with a brush, and then use a neutral soap solution to scrub and dry, taking care not to use too much water, which can make the fiber brittle.
                    Wood furniture
                    Most of the wood used for outdoor furniture is resistant to corrosion from nature. For seasonal maintenance, use hot water to mix laundry detergent to remove mildew on the surface and rinse off. To remove rust or guano, or restore the original color, polish with fine sandpaper. If the area is too large, use sandpaper and a whitening agent. Don't use chlorine bleach, which can damage wood fibers.
                    Metal furniture
                    Aluminum, cast iron, steel and other metals can be deformed by heating to produce a rich molding. Remove aluminum, other metal furniture in the factory will add a protective coating. After daily cleaning, gently wipe with flannelette and liquid or cream car protective wax. Check for rust regularly, especially in hidden corners, where even a stainless steel coating can corrode in the coastal environment. When deep cleaning, scrub with neutral soap, rinse and dry. To remove rust stains, polish lightly with fine sandpaper, then wipe clean, and apply a protective paint brush. To ensure the effect, it is best to apply a few layers lightly. Humidity can affect paint, so it's best to work in dry weather.
                    16. Be careful of discoloration
                    Outdoor fabric, often referred to as permanent fabric, is designed to resist sun exposure, stains, moisture and mildew. Dye the fabric, the pigment into the non-woven fiber, not easy to fade, but also able to resist high strength of detergent, better than printing and dyeing. In daily life, remove dust, fallen leaves and other sundries in time, and rinse as needed. The removable outer cover can generally be washed in cold water with a washing machine, using a neutral laundry detergent, a chlorine-free bleach, and then air-dried.
                    Plastic furniture
                    Resin furniture is generally made of plastic, probably PVC or PE, and they can mimic the appearance of materials such as wood and wicker weaving. The cleanness of plastic furniture is the simplest, wipe clean with wet cloth, or cooperate neuter soap liquid is swabbed, to stubborn besmirch, with containing chlorine bleach is swabbed.
                    To sum up, do you already know about "17 tips for outdoor furniture"? If there are any questions, we will give you professional answers.

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