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                    Funan willow was selected for the first batch of national traditional craft revitalization catalogue

                    Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the first batch of national catalogues of revitalization of traditional crafts. A total of 383 items of traditional crafts were selected nationwide. A total of four projects were selected in Fuyang.

                    The first national catalogue of revitalization of traditional crafts covered 14 categories: textile, dyeing and weaving embroidery, costume making, knitting and binding, carving and molding, furniture and architecture, metal processing, paper-cut and engraving, ceramic firing, study making, lacquerware decoration, printing and mounting, food making, processing of traditional Chinese medicine, and utensils making. Fuyang has four items selected, namely, Huanggang Liubian (Funan County, Anhui Province), Du's copper carving (Fuyang City, Anhui Province), Fuyang paper-cut (Fuyang City, Anhui Province), and Jieshou colored pottery firing (Jieshou City, Anhui Province)

                    It is learnt that the establishment of a national catalogue of traditional craft revitalization is one of the main tasks put forward in the Chinese Traditional Craft Revitalization Plan. The aim is to select and give priority to a number of traditional craft projects with inheritance basis and production scale, which have good prospects for development and are conducive to promoting employment, to promote the formation of experience cases that can be popularized and to promote the whole country. The development and revitalization of traditional technology within the scope. The first catalogue of revitalization of traditional crafts was based on the list of representative items of national intangible cultural heritage. The catalogue focused on a wide range of items and a large number of inheritance groups, which helped to give full play to the role of demonstration and lead to the formation of national or local brands of traditional crafts. At the same time, it was appropriately directed to the old revolutionary areas, ethnic areas, border areas and so on. Poor areas can promote local economic development and expand employment projects.
                    Fuyang is a big city of traditional arts and crafts. It has a long history and a wide variety of Arts and crafts. It enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad for its exquisite skills and rich forms of ceramics, paper-cutting, copper carving, wicker weaving, pen-making and embroidery. There are dozens of national and provincial arts and crafts masters and celebrities in Fuyang.
                    Funan willow
                    Funan has rich resources of willow willow. At present, 83 thousand mu of willow planting base has been built, with annual output of 280 thousand tons of wicker. Tens of millions of weeping willows have fed tens of millions of people in southern Fujian. Some farmers depend on planting barley willows for a living. Some get rich by weaving barley willows. Others become entrepreneurs by operating wicker products. Today, farmers in Funan County have an annual income of 300 million yuan, 120,000 people in 14 townships are engaged in willow processing, and farmers have increased their income by 500 million yuan, driving the employment of 2,520 poor people.

                    At present, the development of willow industry in southern Fujian presents a situation of competition of thousands of sails. The annual output value of the whole industry is 11.5 billion yuan, which contributes about 24% to the county's GDP. There are 140 Willow processing enterprises in the county. The output value of the processing industry is 8 billion yuan, and the tax payment is 230 million yuan. The products are exported in the first three years of the country. The annual foreign exchange earned by the export is over 300 million dollars, accounting for 90% of the same products exported in the city, 60% of the province, 35% of the whole country. There are 15 new third board and GEM enterprises.

                    Since 2001, Funan County has been awarded the honorary titles of "the hometown of Chinese willows", "the hometown of Chinese willows", "the capital of Chinese willows", "the national intangible cultural heritage protection list", "the national geographical indication protection products". Funan has become the production base of the four major willows cultural products in China. One of the places.

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