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                    Outdoor furniture layout needs space planning

                    Core Tip: Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture does not have special functional requirements, so it is not necessary to match the table, chairs and benches. Outdoor space planning should be individualized and based on its own needs.
                    More and more people like to open up small entrance gardens, rooftop rooftops, home balconies into outdoor recreational areas, so as to make themselves closer to nature. And to create this natural "outdoor life", of course, you have to choose some outdoor furniture: an outdoor dining table and chair with an umbrella can provide a good place to share afternoon tea; a casual swing chair can bring a leisurely freshness to the city's children; and a barbecue table can provide a week for the whole family. The last party provides perfect equipment...
                    Outdoor furniture also has "tall upper".
                    Xiaobian in the home market to see, outdoor household products used in a variety of materials, iron, solid wood, rattan art. According to the sales staff of outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture now also stresses health, environmental protection, in addition to the use of materials in line with environmental requirements, the material is also upgraded.
                    For example, iron outdoor furniture, adding cast iron to make an outdoor barbecue oven, cast iron material can make the barbecue smoke-free. Of course, with the addition of this new material, the price of the original iron products has also risen, reporters in Xiyingmen Huisen outdoor counter to see, its length and width of about 1 m, 70 cm high, smokeless cast iron barbecue table price as high as 17,000 yuan.
                    According to the introduction, in the outdoor products, iron products can be regarded as more solid and durable products. Its surface is basically plated or oxidized, the mechanical properties of the material itself is relatively strong, and it is not easy to wear, so it is widely used. However, iron technology has the shortcoming of easy rust, so consumers need to know whether their products have been rust-proof treatment.
                    Imitation of rattan furniture becomes "new favorite"
                    Speaking of the closest to nature, it is rattan outdoor furniture and solid wood furniture. Xiaobian learned that rattan outdoor furniture and real wood furniture because of its natural color, can be appropriately integrated with the courtyard, so more popular with consumers. However, because rattan furniture material durability is poor, easy to crack, so in recent years the emergence of PE rattan products. PE rattan products belong to plastic imitation rattan outdoor furniture, not only the price is much cheaper than rattan, but also saved rattan furniture need to maintain trouble. The PE like Ivy products were also popular at the September Guangzhou Furniture Fair. Furniture manufacturers at the exhibition upgraded the design of PE rattan-like products, the products were prepared with PE Teng and aluminum alloy, the rattan beach chair compiled with a sense of modernity, but also with natural wind.
                    In addition, because modern people pursue a comfortable life, so outdoor furniture in the soft cloth gradually more, the soft cloth is people like, so even the wooden rattan frame, now also need to add soft cloth, so that people's outdoor life more comfortable.
                    Outdoor furniture also needs space planning.
                    Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture has no special functional requirements, so it is not necessary to match the table, chairs and benches. Outdoor space planning should be individualized and based on its own needs.
                    If there is only one balcony in your home, you can choose a wooden or rattan outdoor leisure table with the same or opposite colors of indoor furniture, and then add two square stools, and a few pots of dwarf green plants beside them, not only can make the narrow balcony become more spacious, but also create a quadrangle courtyard The scenery.
                    If you live in a house with a thermocline, you can get a better look at the decoration of an open platform. If the area is large enough, the dining table, chair, umbrella can be used, can also be decorated with taller tropical green plants around, or put on a simple oven and a long table, so you can have an air barbecue party.

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